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FP fans, meet Anna Beth Eskridge, an interior designer based in Virginia.

What was the process from start to finish for designing Meghan Freeman’s therapy space?

The whole process for designing Meghan’s therapy space happened rather quickly! With her ever-expanding practice, Meghan found herself quickly out-growing her old office.

Luckily she was able to find a space nearby that would provide not only the room to grow but also the freedom and flexibility that she was seeking. Wanting to carry over the peaceful, natural vibe that we had curated in previous office, we quickly got to work coming up with a design in a matter of days!

We honestly had a lot of work to do: installing new flooring, painting, and sourcing enough furniture/décor to fill the rooms. In total, the project took about two months to complete.

What was the most enjoyable part about working with Meghan, to bring her project to life?

It’s always a pleasure working with Meghan whether it’s on the design of her office or her home because our styles and personalities just “click”. We both have an appreciation for a sort-of laid-back, coastal, California look which you will see reflected in the design of her new office.

interior design for therapists counselors (7)

Another great thing about Meghan is that she is down for anything! She trusts my design decisions which really empowers me as the designer to go out and create something beautiful and unique.

How long have you been a designer and what brings you joy about your work?

I’ve been offering my interior design and decluttering services through Making Room for Peace now for about two years now.

Before that, I dabbled in social media management, marketing, store merchandising, and design assistance. One of the things that I love most about my work is the freedom that it provides me. Along with getting to create my own schedule I love that I get to be involved in every single part of the business (minus the accounting!). While I defiantly lean creative, I also have a side that enjoys doing the admin work and marketing.

The thing that brings me the most joy though would have to be the impact that we have on our clients lives. We have the privilege of coming into their homes at a time when they feel most vulnerable.

They share with us their story, what’s working and what’s not; what their dreams are for their space. I will never tire of hearing them say when it’s all said and done, how peaceful and elevated their space now feels; how it’s changed their life.

What are you favorite design styles and influences?

My all-time favorite design style will always be that “California casual” look, however, lately I’ve really been leaning into the coastal and Southern style. Originally from Florida, those looks are rooted in me and I have been something that I’ve found, I embrace the older I get.

I’m currently quite inspired by the work of Ashley Gilbreath, Heather Chadduck, and Kara Miller.

For those who prefer DIY design, what special considerations should therapists and counselors take into account when designing their offices?

One suggestion that I have is to get creative when it comes to wall art! One of the biggest design challenges that we had when designing this office space was filling the MASSIVE walls in each room. You can only do so many gallery walls and large pieces of art!

In the waiting room you’ll see that we created a sculptural piece of art using baskets. This simple design is inexpensive and yet it makes a big impact! People are always commenting on it when they walk through.

Another room in which we thought out of the box was in the back office where we hung a huge tapestry on the wall. Now ALP’s office is a bit youthful in design, so we went with something modern and cool; however if your office leans a bit more traditional, you can certainly find a tapestry or wall hanging that works for you.

When it comes to wall art my suggestion will always be that if you can’t find something that works with your style and budget, create it!

Making Room for Peace is a design studio that specializes in interior design and decluttering. Based in Virginia, our team has worked on a number of projects including both commercial, residential, as well as some renovation.

 Anna Beth Eskridge
Anna Beth Eskridge

Our Mission: We believe in using every part of our client’s story while simultaneously encouraging them to let go of the things that are no longer serving them. We want their space to be one that reflects not only where they’ve been but where they are, and where they’re heading next.

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