Freshpractice.design is a design and decor blog for therapists and counselors. It’s dedicated to delivering fresh office design ideas for therapists, by therapists!

The amount of care and attention that many therapists put into creating an ideal space for their clients generally goes unseen.

Indeed, many therapists see their spaces as another way to make their clients feel safe and at peace as they do the hard work required of therapy.

Freshpractice.design aims to showcase these spaces, highlight the amazing professionals who created them, and create community in a unique way among therapists from all over the world!

Meet the Creator

Hi! I’m Dr. April McDowell, owner of Decision Point Therapy LLC, and creator of freshpractice.design.

I’m a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT) in Virginia and Maryland and I’ve been in the psychotherapy field for 13 years now.

I really love interior design and decor, and came up with the idea for freshpractice.design after years of noticing how many of my colleagues put careful attention into their therapy spaces.

This is an often overlooked aspect of the therapy experience. However, it does seem to matter a great deal to clients, as I realized after opening my own practice and getting positive feedback from clients.

I put lots of effort into designing a great space for those I serve and it’s truly been appreciated.

While I believe that proper training and therapeutic technique are critical to being an effective therapist, I hope this blog can inspire other therapists to create a great overall experience for their clients!

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Dr. April McDowell

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