Vibrant Minimalism in Florida

FP fans, meet Montigus Jackson, a therapist in Royal Palm Beach, FL!

1. How would you describe the style of your therapy office?

I would describe my office as modern with a flare of masculinity. I have been told by colleagues and clients that my office is very therapeutic and inviting. My clients comment on the red accent colors throughout the space.

It was important to me to keep the office feeling more relaxed than what I have experienced at other therapy offices. Red is my favorite color so I had to have red in my first office space.

Naturally, red is a bit edgy; however, when paired with the warm blue and gray colors of the furniture and walls, along with the natural wood floors, it toned it down to make a great combination.

My favorite part of the office is my red desk, which I have received plenty of compliments on. My goal was to keep the space free of clutter and unnecessary items. So, you will notice I don’t have a lot of accent pieces. Simplicity was what I was going for.

2. What vibe do you hope your office gives your therapy clients?

In my experience with private practice, a large percentage of my clients are either in therapy for the first time or coming back to therapy after a not so pleasant experience.

I want my clients to feel relaxed to the point that they can surrender from any barriers or judgement during the therapy sessions.

3. Do you have any creature comforts in your office for clients?

I have different wall art that symbolizes the starting point of something (hence the name of my practice, with the added –e of course). I have tried to set the tone for people to feel they are starting a new journey in their life when they come to see me for therapy.

I have stress brains that clients can manipulate in their hands and adult coloring books they can doodle on if they become anxious.

4. Who designed and decorated your therapy office? Did you get help from professionals, colleagues, friends, or family?

I pretty much did everything myself. However, I received second opinions and approval from my wife.

I have always had an eye for fashion due to working in the retail industry for over eight years before getting into therapy. I like to decorate and put colors together. I guess it’s something that comes naturally to me.

5. Any advice for therapist who are just starting out and designing their office for the first time, or seasoned therapists looking to redesign their offices?

I would say there is no rush to getting everything at once.

Figure out what you want your office to say about you as a therapist and person.

Furnishing an office can be expensive if done all at once, or not so expensive if you take your time to add pieces to the space at different times along the way.

You can always add to the décor after you have opened your doors for business; just be sure to start with the necessities so that you and your clients will feel comfortable.

Remember, you will be occupying the office the majority of time. Clients will come and go. So, make your space pleasing in aesthetics and functionality to you first, while keeping in mind the clients you will serve.

Montigus Jackson is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) & Certified Anger Management Specialist (CAMS) in Royal Palm Beach, FL…

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